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Thank you for joining me in supporting Kantorei! As you know, I volunteer over 100 hours every year to sing with this group, whose mission is to "Elevate the Human Experience through Choral Excellence". I care so much about Kantorei that I even serve on the Board of Directors!

We are all very excited about the work we are doing to accomplish this, and we are particularly excited about this new recording of Jake Runestad’s music! If you haven’t heard his award-winning and highly-imaginative music, you are in for a real treat! Beyond compositional beauty, the music of Runestad features highly emotional, poetic, beautiful text— text the world needs right now.

Thank you for supporting us in getting this important music out into the world.



  • Christopher (about a week ago)

    “Just a little support on today of all days!” — Edina Monsoon

  • Anonymous (about a week ago)

    You rock! Keep music-ing.

  • Sarah (about a week ago)

    There, now you're over $600...come on everyone, support Juli!!!!

  • Donna (about 2 weeks ago)

    Gizmo, Abbey and Max kicked in a little as well!

  • Susan (about 2 weeks ago)

    Yay Sopranos!

  • Mel (about 2 weeks ago)

    Keep on going, you’ll get to 100%

  • Shelley (about 3 weeks ago)

    You’re the best! ??

  • Peter (about 4 weeks ago)

    what's the good word, stretch

  • Don (about 4 weeks ago)

    Keep up the singing!!

  • Catherine ("Kelly") (about 4 weeks ago)

    You go Juli!

  • Kathe and Charlie (about a month ago)

    Cheers to you! Looking forward to more music!

  • Vanessa (about a month ago)

    Keep bringing joy into peoples lives

  • Anonymous (about a month ago)


  • Judy (about a month ago)


  • Sarah (about a month ago)


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What: 30/30/30
When: Friday April 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM

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